Posted by: lindsaygoes | February 28, 2009

Jodhpur and Udaipur

From Jaisalmer we got driven to Jodhpur. On the way we saw a huge herd of camels along the road. We’ve seen quite lot of different animals from the bus like camels, horses cows, donkeys and monkeys.


When we got to Jodhpur we visited the royal cremation grounds. The main building was made from similar marble to the Taj Mahal and from the inside you could see the light through some of the stone where it was translucent.

We also visited Mehrangarh fort, unlike the fort in Jaisalmer it isn’t inhabited and has been turned into a museum. It was also made from red, rather than yellow sandstone, but once again it was all hand carved with intricate lattices. We had a fantastic view of the city from the fort, and a lot of the buildings in the old town are painted blue to reflect the heat and also for religious reasons, and so it was lovely to look out on.


Our hotel was in the old part of the city and our room had the most enormous bath I’ve ever seen. It was at least 3 meters by 3 meters…unfortunately we didn’t have hot water! We got to walk around the old part of town and see the clock tower. The streets were so narrow in this area that we had to squeeze on an auto-rickshaw rather than getting our bus all the way to our hotel. When we were being shown around the market in the old town we went into a handcrafts place where they had the most amazing hand embroidered stuff. There is now an embroidered bed cover making it’s way to Australia for me!

The next day we left Jodhpur and went to Udaipur, stopping on the way at the Ranakpur temple complex which is huge and has thousands of pillars, all carved differently. It’s amazing the amount of work it must have taken to build.

Today we’ve been round Udaipur and seen some of the places where the James Bond film Octopussy was filmed. We went round the city palace and took a boat ride on Lake Pichola past the lake palace. Unfortunately because there hasn’t been a lot of rain lately the lake levels are quite low.


We also visited a Hindu temple and some lovely gardens.

Tomorrow we’ve got a long drive to Jaipur which sounds great as well.


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