Posted by: lindsaygoes | March 4, 2009

Jaipur and Agra

When we left Udaipur we headed to Jaipur, which was quite a long drive in a hot bus!
At Jaipur we went to Amber, where we had an elephant ride which was lots of fun. A lot of the elephants were very brightly coloured, one even had a birthday wish to someone painted on its forehead! From the top we had a fantastic view of Amber and the town. Amber also had a tiny bath where the king would watch his concubines bathe and pick the one for the night. A bit creepy really! Apparently all the servants at Amber were eunuchs as well.
We also saw the outside of a couple of palaces which were lovely and went into the city palace. We were lucky we hadn’t come the day before as it had been closed for a wedding. It seems like you can do anything you like in India if you have enough money! The day we came some of the streets were closed for a procession, making traffic even more chaotic than usual! The palace had a textile museum with some really ornate old pieces and some massive silver jugs that one of the kings had filled with water from the Ganges so that he could drink it while he travelled around  England.
Yesterday we travelled from Jaipur to Agra and stopped at Fatehpur Sikri, which was used as the capital for just a few years before being abandoned and becoming a ghost town. It seems like such a waste, but I guess it’s being used now.
Today we visited the Taj Mahal this morning. Really amazing in real life, you don’t quite get the scale and beauty of it from the pictures. We also went into the Red Fort of Agra which is bigger and better preserved than the one in Delhi, although a lot of it you can’t visit as it’s still being used by the military. The areas we did see were great though. Otherwise Agra is pretty busy and polluted with lots of  hawkers outside the monuments.
We almost went to see a Bollywood movie today but they were all in Hindi with no subtitles, so just having a rest this afternoon!
Otherwise India has been really enjoyable. The food has been tasty and I’m not missing eating meat as much as I thought I would.

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