Posted by: lindsaygoes | March 6, 2009

Agra to Khajuraho

From Agra we got the train to Jhansi. We were almost on time until the train stopped about 10 minutes before the platform for close to an hour!
From Jhansi we visited some castles and temples at Orchha. The whole area was very nice, a lot less crowded than Agra! There was a fantastic view from the top of one of the castles, where we could see a lot of ruins and the local river.
The other castle was older and had some wonderful artworks on the walls andceilings that was all original and hadn’t been restored. After that it was quite a long drive to Khajuraho. It’s amazing, a drive that would take about an hour and a half in Australia takes twice that, because of the conditions of the roads (the national highway around here is almost a one lane, potholed road filled with trucks, cars, bikes, people and cows).
Today we visited the temples at Khajuraho. The western temple complex in particular was lovely, with gorgeous gardens and not a lot of people. Also the first place that we haven’t had to pay people to look after our shoes when we have to take them off and visit the temples. I guess the thing the temples at Khajuraho are famous for is the carvings, and they’re a bit different from the lattices and gods and goddesses we’ve seen at other temples! They’re pretty rude! Including one with a horse…
Jess, Me

Jess, Me

Tomorrow we’ve got a drive to Banhavgarh and the day after we have a game ride in the park. Hopefully we’ll get to see a tiger or two!


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