Posted by: lindsaygoes | March 17, 2009


We’re in the south of India now, which is really nice. It’s a lot more relaxed and friendly here.

We flew into Cochi and then stayed at a really friendly homestay in Port Cochin, the people running it treated you as part of the family. While we were there we did a backwater tour. We spent the first part of the day on a houseboat on the main, natural rivers and stopped at an island, and then the second half on canoes on the smaller man made canals. It was such a difference from the polluted water in Varanasi and a nice way to spend a day that was really hot and humid.


After that we headed up into the hills to Munnar, where it’s a bit cooler (actually freezing at night!), where we saw the first rain since coming to India. Yesterday we did a tour driving round tea plantations and to view points. We saw some wild elephants across the other side of a lake which was cool, and we heard the echoes at Echo Point, but we were all too chicken to yell ourselves! In the afternoon it rained again, so our tour finished early, but we did get to see hundreds of spontaneous waterfalls on the rock faces above us. Really lovely!


Next we’re heading to Goa, where we’re planning to just relax on the beach so that should be nice!


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