Posted by: lindsaygoes | April 12, 2009

Kyoto and Osaka

After Nagano and Matsumoto we headed to Kyoto. The first full day we had we headed to Nara. The park there was gorgeous and full of deer which were very tame. We also wandered round old Nara and bought some goodies.
The next day we changed accommodation and moved to B & B Juno`s where we had a wonderful room and slept on futons on tatami mats. From there we walked along the Philosopher`s Path, visited some shrines and went into Gion. As well as seeing someone dressed as a geisha, we managed to see a real geisha which was amazing. Unfortunately, even though we practically chased her down the street, we didn`t manage to get a good photo!Kyoto temple
The following day we took a bit easier and walked through some parks, temples and graveyards. At one point we got a little bit lost and while we thought we were following the directions given to us at the B & B we ended up in what was possible a private park. After debating climbing fences to get to where we thought we were meant to be we ended up going back to the bamboo filled corner where we had snuck in. We visited a traditional craft museum as well and some of the creations were amazing! That afternoon I did a cloisonne class and made a pendant.Cemetary in Kyoto
Today we`ve come to Osaka and we visited Osaka-jo castle and the park. On Sunday`s it seems like all of Osaka goes there and there were live bands.  We sat by the entrance to the park, eating our lunch, as

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