Posted by: lindsaygoes | July 18, 2009

The rest of my Japan trip!

This post has been a while in coming. Lack of internet!

While we were staying in Okayama we took a day trip to Onomichi, an old town with lots and lots of temples. We spent a lot of  the day walking and climbing steps, with a bit of a break to eat some macha (green tea) ice-cream. Some of the temples we visited were Senko-ji, Tennei-ji, Fukuzen-ji and Shonen-ji.

After that we wandered down to the water and had a delicious meal of sashimi and tempura. It was so beautifully presented and the waitress gave us each a lovely origami chopstick rest.

The next day we headed back to Tokyo and eventually managed to find our hostel – quite a hassel with our backpacks! Once we’d got ourselves organised we walked to Shinjuku where we visited Tokyu hands and Kinukiniya. We went to this random restaurant for dinner where you had to order using a touch screen, little bit tricky as it was all in Japanese! We managed ok but ended up getting a bill quite a bit larger than we were expecting – turned out there was a cover charge!

Then we visited Okadaya, so I ended up carrying quite a bit of shopping back to our hostel.

The following day we went to Ghibli museum. The entrance ticket I got had scenes from Howl’s moving castle on it. Yay! We watched a cute movie in the Saturn theatre with Totoro and Cat buses. The stereoscopic displays were amazing, particularly the one with all the models. It had so much detail and so many layers, definitely something worth booking in for!

Then we visited Nippori where I bought some pretty fabric and trim.

The next day was Sunday and we headed off early to Harajuku. Turned out we’d got there too early and there was nothing open and no-one around. Once it hit 10am we managed to buy some scrummy crepes. Mmm, icecream and chocolate and bananas and pancakes. We then went a little nuts at Daiso (100Y shop) and also bought some clothes. Then we wandered past all the high priced shops on Omotosando and found Oriental Bazaar where I bought some gorgeous china for a gift for my sister. Also had fun looking at all the goodies in Kiddyland.

Monday morning was a complete ordeal getting from our accommodation in Tokyo to Narita. After buying books and craft stuff, 100Y stuff and the very heavy china I was a little overloaded. It took us three trains and quite a lot of walking to get to Narita where we were too early to check in. We did get to leave our bags at the hotel and go for lunch which was another random but delicious meal (apart from the whole tiny raw squids, I tried one and it was too slimy and squishy!).

And  then we were up early the next morning to get to the airport!


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