Posted by: lindsaygoes | July 19, 2009

UK so far

Ok, so I’ve been in the UK three months so far and haven’t posted anything about it just yet.

At the moment I haven’t seen that much. I’ve been working near Manchester so I’ve visited Manchester a couple of times. I’ve been getting used to the different accents and words (minging, mithering) and everyone I’ve worked with has been lovely. I’m not used to people just bringing me cups of tea just yet!Manchester

I’ve been to Urbis and seen some of the exhibitions there, I thought the photos of hidden areas of Manchester were very interesting, looking in the old canals and in private areas of public buildings.

I also visited the John Rylands library. I thought it was amazing that his wife built a library as a memorial to John Rylands. The gothic building was lovely and the exhibit of the Manchester Medical Society was fascinating. Some of the old medical instruments I really couldn’t work out how they’d be used!

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) was also really good. My favourite was the spinning room with all the old spinning and weaving technology but the sewerage and train areas were also really good. Something for everyone there!

In Liverpool I’ve visited the Heritage Markets, Liverpool one and Crosby Beach with the Iron Men of the Mersey. Really fantastic to see all these iron statues at various states of submersion in the water. Iron Man


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