Posted by: lindsaygoes | July 26, 2009

Guide to Travelling in Japan – Part One

I thought I’d post a few tips on backpacking through Japan, so here’s part one – things to do before you go.

1. JR Pass – vital if you’re doing a bit of travelling and must be bought outside of Japan and then exchanged for the actual pass once you get into the country. You probably know this already!

2. Accommodation – we booked all our accommodation before we left and found some places a particular struggle. We used the International Tourist Center of Japan website to organsise a lot of it, but also places from the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides and local tourist offices.

3. Ghibli Museum: A lovely spot to visit, but something you need to book before you go.

4. Language: I found it really helpful to learn a few Japanese phrases before I left. was very helpful, particularly the survival phrases.

It was also fairly handy to work out what we wanted to see before we went so we could organise how we were going to travel. This Japanese Train Route Finder was very handy for working out how long trains would take, as well as where to change. Occasionally it helped with platforms as well, as long as we were getting the trains we’d originally planned to and not sleeping in too much!


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