Posted by: lindsaygoes | August 9, 2009

Brighton and the trip to Dublin

Little while since my last update but I’ve just been working until last weekend. Now I’ve started travelling again which is nice!

I spent half of the week in Brighton, visiting a friend which was lots of fun. On the Wednesday I went to the Royal Pavilion, an extravagantly decorated Indian style building with Chinese style interiors, all designed and built by people who had never been to India or China.

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

After that I walked along the stony beach and the Brighton Pier, which has rides and fairground games on it. The weather was really nice so there were lots of people sunbathing and even a few swimming!

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

That evening we went to an art exhibition where we watched the 1960s film Day of the Triffids while surrounded by giant paper sculptures, some of which were slowly sinking into a pool of ink while we used the film and surroundings as inspiration to create our own artwork.P1010617

The next day I walked up a big hill to visit the John Booth museum, only to discover it was closed on Thursdays. So I read my book in the park a bit and wandered round some of the funky streets and shops and had another walk along the beach. That evening I managed to get an invite to my friend’s work party and met some more people who told me I should definitely move to Brighton, or at least come back! On the Friday I managed to get into the John Booth museum which is a natural history/taxidermy museum. Some of the Victorian display cases were fantastic, with these riots of colour of birds unrelated by geography. Others were more realistic and they had made an effort to create a scene for the stuffed bird. One had an entire stuffed sheep which served merely as a prop for the birds which were the focus of the scene, even though they were a lot smaller than the sheep! Another had a small kitten which larger birds were staring at menacingly and I can imagine if the kitten died naturally the taxidermist pondering what he could use it for! It was interesting to identify species that I’d previously only heard described in books (generally Enid Blyton and stuff where the adventurous children are solving some kind of mystery in the countryside). They also had an exhibition of skeletons and again every effort had been made to put them into realistic positions. My favourites were a skeletal flamingo curling its head back, and a small mammal which was peering inquisitively or perhaps menacingly. I did find myself checking the skeleton rabbits teeth to see if there was any spurs (there weren’t) and around the human’s knees (which was described as dangerous) for any signs of arthritis (there was!). So overall an interesting place, although I’m not sure if it was the historical aspect or the scientific aspect which was more so. On my way down to the center of town I was asked for directions (which I gave successfully) and when I bought a new jumper (I’d misplaced mine the day before) I apparently restored the cashiers faith in humanity by using my own bag. That night we went to a supper club where all the tables had a secret. We realised after a couple of minutes that ours was slowly rotating!


Yesterday evening I caught the bus from London to Holyhead in Wales and then the taxi. I ended up sitting next to someone who told me their life story in the first few hours which included how he was on the run from creditors, he’d lost his licence twice for drink driving and that there was a conspiracy and CCTV cameras were out to get him. I actually think I was fairly lucky as in the seat across the aisle from me a guy got on drunk, continued drinking and then passed out, trapping the girl in the window seat. She ended up pushing him and slapping him pretty hard with no effect and eventually had to climb over him. Apart from that I have arrived safely in Ireland and I’ll be heading out on a tour tomorrow.


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