Posted by: lindsaygoes | September 19, 2009

Liverpool and Southport

Since I’ve been in Southport I’ve had the opportunity to visit Liverpool a couple of times as well as going to the beach in Southport (not that I did any swimming!).

The first time I went into Liverpool I went to St George’s Hall and saw the cells, courtroom and large hall with it’s wonderful stained glass windows, as well as going to the World Museum. I also went to Albert Dock, and then having had my fill of culture, I spent the rest of the day shopping! Lots of fun, but I may end up keeping the Royal Mail in business by sending things back to Australia.


The second time I went in was just for an afternoon but I visited Liverpool Cathedral, apparently Britain’s largest cathedral, which was amazing inside. Lots of incredibly detailed stained glass windows and ornateness.

Stained Glass Windows in Liverpool Cathedral

Stained Glass Windows in Liverpool Cathedral

I went into the Metropolitan Cathedral, which from the outside looked a bit like it could launch rockets, but inside there was loads of amazing artwork and I even spoke to a priest. I think that’s probably the first time I’ve done that – apart from the guy in India who put dots on our forehead and then asked for some money. Still some doubts about him though.

Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool

Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool

I also had a walk around St Luke’s Church, an old church that was bombed in the Second World War, which was very picturesque.

St Luke's Church

Walking around Southport, Ihad a bit of a walk along the beach, which was fairly grassy and then had a walk along the pier, which didn’t actually have a lot of water underneath it. I was surprised at the amount of people walking to the end of the pier, as there really wasn’t anything there. Even more surprising was the tram that went to the end. If you’re not doing it for a walk, I’m not sure why you’d go to the end!

image131Luckily the sun was shining and it was a lovely day and I enjoyed some sushi and chocolate sitting in the sun. Then I bought a load of books and had to carry them on the hour walk back to my flat.

While the sightseeing has been fun, work has been a bit stressful this week with some difficult clients (including some we had to call the police for) and me catching another cold. I don’t think the ready meals I’ve been eating have enough vitamins! Not too severe, although it was handy that at lunchtime I could go upstairs to my flat and read in bed.

Next week I’m in Stockport for a week, then I’ve got a week in Barcelona and back to Stockport until the end of the year. Should be able to see a little of the UK in that time (before it gets too cold anyway!).


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