Posted by: lindsaygoes | November 14, 2009

Long weekend in Italy

Just got back from a long weekend in Italy which was lots of fun! An excellent combination of cheap Ryan air flights and spontaneous decisions!

So I flew into Milan and then managed to navigate the train system to get to Verona. Unfortunately the international roaming on my phone decided not to work, leaving me unable to get hold of the friend I was meeting in Verona. About 20 minutes before the train arrived in Verona a guy started talking to me in Italian, but when I tried to explain that my phone wasn’t working someone across the aisle let me use their phone so disaster was averted! Although because I hadn’t given the train time early enough my friend was two hours from Verona. Sigh!

Once I arrived in Verona I had a bit of a walk around the town center, seeing the arena as well as all the expensive shops!Verona

Also got asked for directions twice. Obviously crazy people who think I know what I’m doing! Finally met up with my friend and we went for pizza and then because it was getting late we decided to head for Andalo in the Alps rather than Venice, so we weren’t spending the whole weekend driving round Italy. It was pretty cold, and we saw some snow on the ground while we were driving up!

The next day was pretty chilled, both for the weather and the amount we did. In the evening we went to a local festival ‘Sagra dela Ciuiga’, which I got told meant ‘Sausage Eating Festival’ (why are you giggling?). As well as sausages and other food they had people in silly hats and music, and we had a wander around the charming old town and saw a barn with some cows and a donkey.

The next day we headed to Riva del Garda and saw Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy. Apparently nicer in summer and unfortunately my camera ate the photos from that day. We then drove along the lake, seeing spots from a James Bond car chase seen and then got lunch at a little restaurant that overlooked the lake. Then it was back to the airport for my flight home. In plenty of time luckily because it took ages to get through customs and security!


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