Posted by: lindsaygoes | January 11, 2010

Random People Met While Travelling (part one)

While travelling you get exposed to new people, and while I’ve met some amazing people while I’ve been travelling round (some that I think I’ll be in touch with for years), I’ve also met a few strange ones, and can see myself meeting more. Here are a few of the weird encounters so far:

– On the bus I took to Ireland I had a guy interrupt me from writing in my travel journal who then told me all about how he was leaving London to escape from his creditors and go camping in a forest in Wales (although he didn’t have a tent). Throughout the five hours that I was stuck next to him he also told me about his two drink driving offences, his friend who’d died (and how he was offended that the friend’s parents hadn’t told him – did they not have enough to deal with?), the pollution in his house, how he didn’t really like animals but would get a dog if he had kids because they’re more for kids (???) and how he believed there was some kind of CCTV conspiracy out to get him.

– Also in Ireland while in a club (ok, I accept that random people talking to you is part of the club experience!) I had a police officer (that was what he told me anyway) tell me I was too well dressed to be there and also that I should try out for the Rose of Tralee (local beauty competition?) and if he had met me when he was 17 he probably would have married me. Then he asked if I wanted to go out drinking until the sun rose. I politely declined, although I’m not complaining about that random conversation. It was fun!

– In Barcelona I had an old Spanish guy come up and strike up a conversation with me in Catalan while I was trying to read my book in the park in the middle of the day. The parts that I could pick up from the conversation (based more on sign language than anything) were him asking if I was married, if I was there alone and how old I was. At no point did he ask if he could touch my leg or kiss me on my cheek. Honestly, this guy was older than my dad!

– In Manchester, while shopping in the middle of the day on a Saturday, after being asked to do a survey and declining a random guy asked me what that was all about, then after I had been nice and told him said he ‘felt a connection’ and kissed me. Also asked if I wanted to go to his flat to do ‘something spontaneous’. Once again, I declined.

– On the train from Manchester to Liverpool I sat next to a guy from Norway who interrupted me reading my book and listening to my MP3 player to tell me  all about the countries he disliked (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Turkey, the UK) and how Norwegians pretty much ‘owned’ the UK because hundreds of years before vikings had rampaged their way across the country. Apparently he liked Australia and couldn’t give enough positive reviews about how easy it was to get around Melbourne (seriously, I can’t believe someone who has no complaints about the public transport in Melbourne can dislike so many other places!).

– In Manchester a ‘gang of youths’ told me how much their mates fancied me. Apparently as I didn’t just tell them to piss off, I was then classified as ‘alright’. That didn’t stop me breathing a massive sigh of relief when my phone rang and I could make a quick escape.

– In Manchester again, after visiting some friends in their flat, we were coming downstairs in the elevator and some of their neighbours (who they hadn’t met) were in the lift. One of them (in a possible compliment attempt?) said that ‘I looked like I smoked a lot of weed’ and asked if I wanted to smoke some weed with them. You guessed it, I declined!

– In Italy I got asked to mind a girl’s bags. I think…she was talking in Italian but I stood and made sure no one took the bags and then she came back and said thank you. I’m not sure if she realised I couldn’t understand her or not. I believe I can bluff knowing languages adequately for short periods…as long as I keep my mouth shut.



  1. I’ve been reading and enjoying some of your blog posts. Are you still jetting around the world? How exciting.

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