Posted by: lindsaygoes | April 19, 2010

Krakow, Prague, Cesky Krumlov and Vienna

So the salt mines out of Krakow were amazing, we ended up walking about 2.5ks through the mines, ending up 135m underground and walking down lots of stairs to get there. There were some amazing chapels and sculptures carved out, and the whole place was amazingly airy. Probably good mines to go to if you’re claustrophobic! That night we had a bit of a Polish feast where we all shared dishes on the table, recommended by our fantastic tour leader who is Polish. Mmmm, dumplings!

The next day we went to Auschwitz and Birkenau, a pretty intense experience but definitely worth doing! The whole place was well set up, with the exhibits not detracting from the site itself, and it all gave you an idea of some of the scale of the atrocities which were committed. While we were in Birkenau it got pretty cold and rainy, but the fact that people had to deal with worse conditions in the middle of winter with thin clothes and very little food did put it into perspective a bit. After that we weren’t really up for doing much more that day so we took it easy for the afternoon.

The next day we had a fairly early start and then caught four trains and a tram to Prague. Such a gorgeous city and definitely on my list of places to go back to. We had a bit of a wander in the town in the afternoon but once again it started raining so we retreated to a nice restaurant for dinner!

The following day we had good weather. Hooray! We started the day by going to the Communist Museum which had some interesting propaganda posters but unfortunately not that much more. Then we went on a tour which took us round a bit of Prague where we could see some of the fantastic architecture. After that we had a boat ride where it was nice to sit down for a bit! Once the tour finished we went for a bit of a wander along Charles Bridge which had some amazing stalls with fantastic artwork, jewellery more. I only bought two or three things. Then it was up to the castle which gave us a fantastic view of Prague and then more of a wander around the town. After dinner we went to a classical concert in a lovely church, although even with the heated seats it was pretty cold by the time it finished.

Early the next morning we caught a bus to Cesky Krumlov, a gorgeous little town. We only had the afternoon there, but it was enough to see the place, although taking it at a slower place would be even nicer. Again we had lovely weather. After wandering around a bit by ourselves, seeing the castle, gardens and the gorgeous little streets we had a bit of a walking tour where we got told about various ghosts in the town. Then we went into this gorgeous little restaurant where we had a bohemian feast!

Yesterday morning we had another bus ride to Vienna. Once we were settled in we caught the tram into town, and then had some delightful apple strudel and hot chocolates. After that we went into a lovely museum (I can’t remember the name right now though) which had some gorgeous art but also an exhibition on photograph that focused on ethics and censorship. Some amazing images and really thought provoking! Then for dinner I had a schnitzel which was bigger than my head. Who will be surprised if I admit I didn’t even get through half!

Today I went to the Belvedere this morning. Amazing palace with some lovely artwork, the Klimt stuff was particularly lovely. Then more of a wander around town, into a few churches and round some of the streets. Did pop into one of the Swarovski shops. Shiny, pretty things!



  1. It’s interesting how food becomes such a memorable part of these trips, both good and bad. You’re doing the trip of a lifetime. Did you win the lottery?

    • Definitely! I’m really enjoying trying all the different foods, although missing home cooking a little! I’ve been working and saving up while I’ve been in the UK, but still the trip of a lifetime!

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