Posted by: lindsaygoes | May 2, 2010


I’ll start off with some quick stats from the trip so far which will hopefully keep you amused:

Countries visited: 9

Pairs of sunglasses broken: 2

Photos taken: over 3000

Men caught urinating in Italy: 3

Are you amused? Or just a little creeped out? Anyway, after Florence we caught the train to Rome, then had a busy afternoon seeing some of the sights as some people from our group only had that afternoon. We caught a very packed bus to the Vatican first of all and visited St. Peter’s Cathedral. Gorgeous, especially with the light coming through, but very full of people. We also went down to the crypts as well. Then we caught the metro to the Spanish Steps, where we took the obligatory photos and then walked to the Trevi fountain where we had Gelato (I think some people might have noticed a theme here!). After that we kept walking and got to the Colosseum after seeing some ruins and other stuff on the way and then caught the train back to our hotel. Then it was time for our last group dinner (tear) which involved lots of toasts, and me trying to palm off half my dinner as usual.

The next day I did my own walking tour around Rome. When I showed everyone where I’d been on the map they were pretty impressed. I caught the train initially to the Colosseum, and it was packed. At least my head was buried in my own armpit and not someone elses! Then I had a walk around the Colosseum and the Forum, went back to the Trevi fountain and  to the Pantheon, which was gorgeous (my favourite church in Rome). The opening in the dome with the natural light beaming through is stunning, but because it was a public holiday in Rome everywhere was packed!

Then I went to the Piazza Navona and the Campo de’ Fiori, although the Campo de’ Fiori took a little while to get to as I was using the ‘wander down an interesting street which is hopefully in the right direction’ method of navigating, which wasn’t terribly successful. After the Campo de’ Fiori I got lost a couple more times and after arriving at the same set of ruins for the third time I ended up heading to the river and then walking along the river to the Castel Sant’ Angelo and went inside there. Amazing views and some gorgeous artwork inside. Unfortunately after that I had a 15 minute walk to the nearest metro station and then it was another packed train. Getting off was an effort, I almost thought I’d be getting off at the next station, but I made it. Although I just ended up with the arm of my sunglasses.

That night I met up with the next intrepid group for dinner and then we went to the May Day concerts. The two closest stations were closed so we had to walk – although with two Intrepid tour leaders we still got lost and just made it for the last half hour or so, by which time everyone was drunk (see above stats). One of the tour leaders jumped into a group of people dancing and joined them which was pretty funny and then tried to get me dancing a bit later. I had no idea what either of us were doing, but at least I didn’t get dropped on the ground (again…ok that was years ago, I should let it go!) as I would have landed on a lot of empty bottles – that place was a mess. Then we had to walk back.

Today I went to some of the markets. Only spent €15, but I did get two pairs of three quarter pants, two t-shirts, two shirts, a dress and a scarf. Couldn’t try anything on but only two things probably won’t really be worn. Then I got a hop on hop off bus ticket from one of the people from the previous tour (thanks guys!) and thought I’d do some sightseeing sitting down. After a while it got cold, but luckily I had a jumper, then it got rainy and I’d left my umbrella at my hostel so I had to stand inside without commentary…and then the bus broke and I had to walk back in the rain (after working out where I was). But still – I’m in Rome.


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