Posted by: lindsaygoes | May 17, 2010

Pamukkale and Olympos

So after arriving in Pamukkale we decided to book some more stuff (like a boat cruise and a tour). I think the travel agent may have proposed to me, but he was definitely suggesting sharing a double cabin on the boat, and then driving us to Cappadoccia. Ummmm…no.

Then I went for a bit of a walk and after that I was at a bit of a loose end so one of the guys working at the hostel offered to take me for a scooter ride. So he took me to this hot spring near the travertines and then suggested I take my clothes off and get completely in, and that he’d turn around and then get me a towel. However, he failed to produce any evidence of said towel existing so there was no naked hot spring swimming for me. Ok, the towel was probably just a lucky excuse  as I wasn’t going to do any naked pool bathing anyway. But I did get a scooter ride and a lovely view of sunset around the travertines. So then we had dinner and later that night went to a local club which pretty much played techno, so I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I would have had the music been, well, good (sorry to any techno lovers). Anyway ‘Silver’ was trying his best with his dance moves.  Apparently I’m very pretty and he likes me. Tomorrow he might even love me (that’s almost a direct quote). He even introduced me to the town president as ‘my darling’. So I ended up with two people in the one day offering to follow me around Turkey.

So the next day we got woken up early with some loud knocking on the door as there had been some confusion as to the number of people in our room. Luckily for me I was already awake, trying not to disturb the other people in my room and it meant that I could have a shower, flood the bathroom and not feel bad. Ok, so I felt a bit bad about flooding the bathroom, but it was the showers fault! After that we went on a tour of the ruins of Hierapolis and the travertines of Pamukkale which were amazing! There was a school group walking around the ruins of Hierapolis and it was hilarious that while there were all these amazing ruins, all the kids wanted photos with us. Maybe I look like some kind of Turkish celebrity! We decided not to pay 25L to swim in the pool at the top of the travertines but then went to Red Pamukkale (similar calcium formations but red because of iron deposits) and got a free foot soak in the hot spring which also had some mud, and mud in a hot spring must be good for you. Actually we did get told that the springs were good for curing obesity, so I shouldn’t get fat feet. Just relaxed and didn’t do to much in the afternoon, although did run into some backpackers we’d met in Çanakkale. Although it wasn’t that surprising really.

Then we caught a bus to Olympos. Well, actually it was four buses, not a direct bus as we’d been told. Which was tiring. Actually, while we were waiting for the second bus this old Turkish woman had a full conversation with me, in Turkish. Clearly my smiling and nodding is very convincing! So we eventually arrived in Olympos, had a very tasty dinner and then went to the Chimera eternal flames. Very cool with these fires just coming out of the rocks from where flammable gas was venting. Someone even had some kettles over one of them!

This morning we had a walk along the Olympos ruins which weren’t massive but had a fantastic atmosphere because they were all overgrown and had a river running around them. Also quite a bit of wildlife, we saw loads of brightly coloured dragonflies, butterflies, a frog and a crab. From there we walked along the beach, which was lovely, being surrounded by all these mountains. Next we’re on a four day cruise which should be nice and relaxing. I’ve got lots of sunscreen! Lindsay



  1. Hi Lindsay,

    It’s hilarious how many strange men you seem to attract! My top tip: a stick-on chest wig. simply undo a couple of buttons on your polo shirt, and dubious chaps do a double take and make their excuses.

    All the scenery sounds stunningly gorgeous – can’t wait to see your photos when you get back!

    Enjoy the cruise xx

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