Posted by: lindsaygoes | May 22, 2010

Row, row, row your boat

So I’ve finished my cruise and we spent the whole time visiting beautiful places, swimming and now I’ve got a lovely even tan and I caught a fish this big!
Well, not quite actually, but if you wan’t to persist with the illusion that everything on my holiday is going perfectly smoothly then stop reading. However, I know you’re all really reading this for the amusing anecdotes and disasters so you’re all going to keep going to find out what really happened!
Anyway, we got on the boat and everyone on there was really nice. Only one other Australian which was unusual, two New Zealanders, three Americans and a Canadian. Two couples and the rest were girls, so it was nice to have a break from cheap words and meaningless compliments (you guys don’t think I take everything people say to me over here seriously do you?). So we got our introductory speech where it was explained ‘The weather – it is shit’. Then the boat left the harbour and we sat on the deck, in the wind and all put our jackets on. We ended up anchoring in a little harbour where two people were brave enough to have a swim (won’t even try to pretend that I did) and ended up seeing the boat that had left the previous day but hadn’t got too far because of the weather. To get into my bed was a bit of a gymnastic effort as it was a top bunk with no head room so I had to pull myself up, doubled up and trying not to bump my head and swing myself in.
The next day we had an earlish wakeup as the boat left and then went to Simena (could be the wrong name there), a little fishing town only accessible by boat. There was a castle (there’s always a castle) at the top of the town so we walked up there and a couple of us got there before the ticket office opened, so we walked past it and pretended we didn’t see it. Once we got to the top (nice view, not much else to be honest) someone caught us and told us we were supposed to pay 8L to get in, so we slowly made our way down to the bottom and then disappeared in the group of people hanging around there and ran away. Once we got back to the boat they had the hatch to the engine opened but set off not too much later. Ended up at another cove where I did do some swimming. The water was ‘refreshing’ to say the least. However, they ended up opening the hatch of the boat again and had someone else to look at it and we were there for quite a while considering we had a few different spots to visit. Eventually we set off but then got told the weather was too bad to go anywhere so we’d anchor up and try to get to Kaş the next night and then get a bus to Fethiye, which seemed reasonable.
So the next morning no one woke up early (apart from me, I was up on deck an hour and a half before anyone else) because the boat was so quiet – and once again there was someone else working on it. So we had ages to have breakfast and lie in the sun. Eventually we got moving and went to another little cove with some ruins, although we were there for ten minutes before three other boats arrived and it became less peaceful. From there we went to another little town (has a name, don’t know it) where we had a walk and did some shopping (I really just bought postcards, I’m trying not to buy too much stuff) and then got back on the boat (and the hatch was open again). Then they moved the boat from the dock into the middle of the harbour and parked it there, in the wind and we sat there for five hours. I mentioned it was windy didn’t I? Eventually we went to complain and found out that the captain and the skipper had gone to get a bus to get a part for the boat. We had a bit of a complain and eventually once they came back they got a boat to take us to the sunken city (which we’d been past on the first day) and to the cove where we’d been at earlier in the morning. However, we were only on the boat about five minutes when we could see the castle from the day before (the one I got free entry to). At the cove it was a bit too cold to swim but we did get to watch the skipper rescue a goat from a small well thing (videos on facebook eventually!). So the boat eventually got fixed and we got moving again but it was a bit late to do anything, and most of us were actually wrapped in blankets while we were sitting around.
The boat did start early the next day but I think it was too early to wake anyone but me so I still ended up on the deck for ages by myself (luckily I had a book, but when do I not have a book!) and then ended up in Kaş, which was nice. Then we got a bus from Kaş to Fethiye where we went to the cruise office and complained. And they told us that it was due to weather problems when clearly there was a mechanical problem with the boat. But eventually we got some free stuff (accommodation, a bus and some food). We had a bit of a wander through the town and I bought another jacket 40L, haggled with very little effort from 120L because I’d left my last jumper on a bus – and I got invited to dinner. However, I have now realised that wearing this jacket is kind of like wearing a giant neon sign that says ‘Chav’ and also that when you can use the word Chav in a sentence you’ve been in the UK for too long. Then we went to the fish market for dinner. You buy the fish at one of the market stalls and then take is to a restaurant where they cook it. I bought four tiger prawns which bizarrely turned into six on my plate, but I’m not complaining.
Today it rained so not up to too much!

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