Posted by: lindsaygoes | June 15, 2010

Ghost hunting in Edinburgh

One O Clock Cannon, Edinburgh Castle

So last time I blogged out I was having a break from the travelling for a day or two, which was nice although because I still hadn’t adjusted from the time difference in Turkey (ok, it’s only two hours!) I didn’t sleep in. Now I’ve got my laptop with me while I’m travelling, which is clearly a bad idea, as you can tell by all the hyperlinks in the post!

After that I headed to Brighton to catch up with a friend. I bought too many books (five) which I then had to carry around. I either need to slow down my reading or get an e-book reader so that my bags are lighter! Or maybe someone to carry my bags around for me. After my shopping and lazing around Brighton we had a delicious dinner! Mmmm, vietnamese food.

The next day we had a very decadent start to the day with a brunch of enormous hot chocolates and a chocolate tiffin (a kind of brownie/biscuit thing) covered in melted chocolate. It was very rich but very good. Then we walked to the Hove museum (with my bag of books and everything else I’d bought with me) where they had really interesting exhibition for blind people which meant that you could touch everything and some of them made noises too. We’re all kids at heart! After that I gatecrashed one of Rosie’s friends birthdays but that’s ok, because I gatecrashed a work party last time I was in Brighton so I’m just being consistent. It got surprisingly warm and the few people who’d brought sunscreen with them got a bit mobbed. Then we wandered down to the beach and then it was time to go home.

The following day I caught the train to Scotland. I’m staying in student halls so it’s bringing back memories of my time in Kendall Hall at vet school. Although the room is bigger. As usual several of the people working at the hostel are from Australia and I got invited to go to the pub and watch the Australia/Germany world cup match in the ‘Oz Bar’. Which didn’t have that many Australians in it. I might just say that for the first full sporting match I’ve ever watched, I didn’t really pick a good one. Honestly, if my team isn’t going to win I’m not going to watch any more.

So my first full day in Edinburgh I had a bit of a wander round to start with and then joined a walking tour around town (led by an Australian) where I learnt a bit of Scottish history and also some pretty interesting stories about Edinburgh and the people who have lived here. Then after lunch where I chickened out on the haggis (it had pepper sauce!) but did go for the Irn-Bru, which I guess is a change from my usual Sprite. Following lunch I went on another walking tour (again led by an Australian) through one of Edinburgh’s vaults (apparently haunted) where I got told more horror stories and felt something brush against my leg and a deep breath in my ear. Of course, what was brushing against my leg was the bag of someone in the group and the deep breath was from someone else again. No ghostly encounters for me. After a bit of a break I joined my third walking tour for the day (this one was led by an American, although naturally I met other Australians on the tour) which was a ghost tour which took us through some of the cemeteries and other haunted areas of Edinburgh, and we also got told more stories about people who’d killed other people. We also got some fantastic views of Edinburgh at night, although I’m not used to it still being light at 10pm. And we had random drunk Scots yelling at us. Always amusing! But no ghosts. Although it was cold and I had to buy another jacket (there is some kind of a theme going on here, but I was cold with two jackets, a beanie and pashmina on so it was necessary!).

Today I went to St Giles Cathedral (very nice inside) and Edinburgh castle, where I got to see the crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny (must be said in a deep voice) as well as the one o’clock cannon which was loud as promised, and I even managed to get a fairly good photo of the smoke! There are lots of museums inside the castle so it was also an informative morning and I got a bit of sunshine as well. Go Scotland! After that I headed to the National Museum of Scotland which was pretty interesting, but after all that I ended up pretty tired! I think it will be an early night tonight before I head off from Edinburgh into the wilds of Scotland tomorrow.


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