Posted by: lindsaygoes | July 16, 2010

Last days in Scotland

Luskentyre Beach

So after the lovely beach in Lewis that was the last stop in my previous email (not that I expect you to remember, because even I had to look it up!) we got a little lost in Stornoway (it is possible) but eventually found somewhere for dinner that would fit most of us in and had a delicious meal. It was one of the guy’s birthdays so we had chocolate cake. Combining that with lemonade meant that my sugar levels were a teensy weensy bit high so I was even more giggly than usual and then talked in my sleep. Clearly I don’t need alcohol! Although bizarrely the sugar high was still working the next morning. I’m sure for hung over people me racing around all bubbly and cheerful was not the best start to the morning! But I didn’t exaggerate the cheerfulness at all. Ok, maybe a smidgen.

The next morning we drove from Lewis to Harris (it’s kind of one island in the outer Hebrides, but with two distinct parts) and went to Luskentyre Beach, which again was stunning (but a little chilly) with such an amazing variation in scenery across the beach. A couple of us went for a bit of a wander off the beach and we were thinking that at the point where we’d climbed over rocks and two fences that we might be somewhere we weren’t supposed to be, but apparently Scotland has something called ‘right of way’ which means you can go wherever you like (or at least that’s how I interpreted it). If some farmer had come and yelled at us, I was going to pretend that I was the youngest in the group (even though I was three and five years older than the other two) but we didn’t have any problems. From there we caught the ferry over to Skye, had a lovely scenic drive through the Quiraing and a bit of a photo stop and a walk up a steep hill with lots of wind. It was pretty though! We then saw more scenery in Skye with Kilt Rock, the old Man and Woman of Storr (both rock formations, not old people we went and took photos of) and went to the Sligachan River. Apparently it has been blessed by the King of the Fairies, and if you dip your face into it you will be young and beautiful. I didn’t really notice a difference. That night was spent in Skye where lots of people decided to drink as many shots as possible. By three in the morning people were really annoying. Can you imagine how excessively cheerful I was the next morning (I’m not sure that being cheerful the morning after people have had a big night is the best revenge, but it keeps me amused!)?

So the next day we had some more gorgeous scenery. We went to Eilean Donan Castle, which has been in lots of movies, Loch Garry (apparently means wild and rough, so the guy called Gary on our tour got a few looks) and the Commando Monument. Then the bus broke. Luckily (for us anyway, not the people on it) another of the buses had broken down the day before and then been fixed, so we had to wait all of two minutes to get another bus. And then we abandoned the first one on the side of the road and got to have the fun of two guides abusing each other (in a nice way) for the rest of the trip. We drove through Glencoe and went to Sterling and the Wallace Monument where I got stung by nettles. It was my own fault because I had stepped into some bushes to get a photo of the Wallace Monument with Scottish Thistles in the foreground. Although it’s not that great a photo. Strangely, I think my best thistle photos are from Turkey (I also have some from Ireland. Is having a collection of thistle photos sad?). On the way into Edinburgh prizes were given out and I got the funniest comment of the trip, which just proves that I’m as amusing as I think I am. Also, it was the best prize (chocolate is far better than an empty water bottle or ice-cream stick!).

So we got back to Edinburgh and in the three minutes that I was walking by myself to the hostel I had some English guy tell me I was ‘stunning’ and ‘hot’ and try to hug me. He also thought I was German. Then on the way out again, someone thought I was Spanish and wanted to wish me luck in the world cup game that was playing later that night. German and Spanish in a few hours? Not nationalities that share stereotypical appearances in my mind. So we went out for a final dinner with everyone and then decided at about 11pm that we all really wanted to go to bed. Because of my history of ‘interesting’ conversations with randoms I got walked home.Thank you!

The next day I had a 10 hour bus ride back to London, on a bus which smelled of wee and didn’t have working airconditioning. Unfortunate on one of the few days when the UK has a warm temperature. Not exactly pleasant, but I guess it was £12, rather than £110 on the train. But I did get to see two parades, a castle and the Angel of the North, and use Facebook on my phone a little too much.



  1. Last days in Scotland…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Loved your Scotland blog! Brought back lots of good memories reading that 🙂 Haggis was such a good tour! Miss you guys!

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