Posted by: lindsaygoes | August 4, 2010

Maybe I should just stay home…

So got to Bali and the hotel to find I couldn’t check into my room so I had to hang around the pool for a couple of hours…in my jeans. Anyway, I was sitting there, in jeans, reading Lolita (I wasn’t deliberately trying to look creepy but I think I unintentionally managed it) when I saw these two kids playing in the pool who might have been my cousins. Because they were the right age and sex. Luckily they were my cousins, so I wasn’t just staring at random little kids and I managed to find some of my relatives. Although by the last day at the hotel I think if I’d sat by the pool and thrown something, it would have hit someone I knew, even with my terrible throwing skills. Yay!

That night we were going to go for dinner at the restaurant where my sister’s wedding reception was being held, but it was full so we went to another restaurant where we got half a kilo of seafood each. Only for some people that wasn’t enough so they got A Hanging Tower of Meat. I passed on that, and then didn’t feel ill the next day. I am thankful for small things.

So the next day I went into Kuta with two of my cousins. One of my cousins kept getting asked if I was his wife which was pretty funny. Maybe we should stop making out in public. Sorry to all of you who just threw up in your mouths. I’m doing really well with the bad jokes in this update, and yes, that was a joke. If you need an explanation as to why I never made out with my teenage cousin then you need help. A lot of it. But the shopping in Kuta was fun, had a great lunch and a swim in the sea. Briefly. I really need better bathers.

Then we managed to have dinner at the reception restaurant. I was reluctant to share my satay skewers because they were sooo good. On Tuesday after going back to the restaurant the dinner was decided on, so I got to try the food that was served at the wedding once! Then mum made me come with her while she looked for another dress to wear at Jenna’s wedding. She didn’t find one so it was kind of a painful day. Again dinner was nice and then we went and sat on the beach and played cards which involved lots and lots of cheating. I won…once. All of the other times I came last.

The following day I had a massage and then caught up with a load of people at Waterbom park, which was kind of fun but I was feeling a little dizzy throughout the day, so going on frikkin terrifying waterslides probably didn’t help. I blame peer pressure from teenagers. But now I can say that the hand shaking probably wasn’t because of fear. Although there was a bit of that. In the afternoon everyone (including the 13 year olds) got drunk, so no one noticed when I couldn’t really stand or form proper sentences. It was only when I started turning red and had to rest on the table to not pass out that people realised I wasn’t doing too good.

The next morning I made it to breakfast and then entered a semi-comatose state on the pool lounges until a doctor came and diagnosed me with gastro. That’s what I always diagnose my patients with when they have no vomiting, diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort. I did manage to make it to dinner, but had to be carried to be by two boys. Now I just need to work out how I can arrange that when I’m not sick. Although they did bash my head on the headboard when they were putting me in bed.

The next day I didn’t die. But that’s about all I can say.

The day after that it was my sister’s wedding. And I was a bridesmaid. At the point where sitting for a manicure kind of left me shaking and needing a lie down I was pretty sure I was going to ruin my sisters wedding. Bit of pressure is always nice when you’re not feeling your best. But I managed to stand for the whole ceremony, shaking knees and all, but then had to lie down at the reception. On some seat cushions in the sand, covered with a tablecloth. Kind of thought I just needed a rest, but when I was reluctant to get up even when it started bucketing down and then started shaking it was decided to send me home.

Believe it or not, the following day, it all went downhill. Another doctor came and diagnosed me with low blood pressure and told me to walk around a bit before mum decided to take me to the hospital where they still wanted to know if I had nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. Eventually they got a neurologist who decided I had some kind of cerebellar issue and then I had a CT scan. Which didn’t find anything. But I’m feeling better and that’s the important part. I think. My mum thinks that the important part is that I should start drinking alcohol.

So this is an impressively long post from a week where I basically lay down. But I’m sure the next one will be much more positive.



  1. Oh my god linds you poor thing… that sounds horrible! How was your sisters wedding – apart from the fact that you were so sick – did she have a good day? I did have a bit of a giggle about the way you wrote this, although i’m just laughing at your jokes and imagining you being covered with a table cloth – i really do hope you are feeling better though! You dont have seem to have much luck with these mystery illnesses whilst on holiday do you! x

  2. You should post some pictures of the wedding. Was Bali a fun visit all and all? A long way from Utah.

  3. All in all, not my best trip ever. At least I’ve had other holidays in Bali which have been a lot more fun, although it would have been nice to go to Ubud.

    Feeling a bit better now. I’ll have to check with my sister before posting wedding pictures!

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