Posted by: lindsaygoes | September 28, 2010

Off to Canterbury

Inside Canterbury Cathedral

So last week I caught the train to Canterbury and then successfully managed to make my way to the Cathedral (I am proud of small achievements). I arrived near the gate and the tourist office just in time to join the morning walking tour which took us through the narrow lanes, which had been part of the Shambles, showing us different styles of architecture (I’m learning to recognise Medieval, Georgian, Gothic, but we also saw modern reproductions and 50s style buildings), as well as the cathedral grounds, which included one of the best preserved Norman staircases in England. We walked past King’s School Canterbury, where they had a couple of windows in a door which was in front of a staircase. When we walked past it must have been in between classes and we could see students peering out at us and giggling. We also saw an amazing wonky building, which one of the owners had removed a supporting wall to make one big room on the bottom floor, which had led to the house tipping sidewards before it was propped up, so now it’s got this amazing look to it.

After the end of the tour, and seeing all the lovely old buildings I headed to the cathedral where I grabbed and audio guide, which was very helpful for getting the most out of my visit. While I was walking round I ran into the guide from the walking tour, and this is kind of the conversation we had.

‘I had a good group today, everyone was on a good level with some people a bit above that. I won’t say where you are.’
‘Thanks, it was a really good tour’
‘If I were 30 years younger I’d take you back to my place for dinner, but you’ve probably got a boyfriend.’
‘Ummm…yeah, thanks.’

I just love the way it was kind of assumed that if I didn’t have a boyfriend (which I don’t, I was lying in the above conversation) I would be jumping at the opportunity to go back to a rather elderly man’s house for dinner. And why do old men keep hitting on me?

Anyway, at that point I’d kind of had enough of Canterbury (which otherwise was very nice), so I caught the train back home and then whinged to the nurses about being hit on.


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