Posted by: lindsaygoes | October 17, 2010

Apple Festival

Once again I was really lucky with the weather this weekend, and I went with a friend to an Apple Festival at Middle Farm, in Lewes. It was a bit of a mission to get there as I had a two hour train journey to Brighton (which kind of meant kindle time for me!), and then there was a rail replacement service to Lewes. Once we arrived there, we saw an enormous line waiting for the community buses to the farm, so we ended up stopping in a sweet little cafe for hot chocolates, and then caught a taxi to the farm.

Once we got there we had a wander around, but quickly made out way towards the food and had a hog roast, which was yummy. It was just the right balance with tender meat, hardly any fatty bits, and some lovely crunchy bits. Plus I added some apple sauce. Very good! Then we had a walk around, saw some Morris dancers and had arguments over whether it was celebrating culture, or just clomping around. As a tourist, I thought it was quite good to see, and quite enjoyed the instructions at the start ‘Garlands up!’.

We also got to see some animals, and I got nuzzled by a donkey. Then we washed our hands carefully and had an explore of the produce tent. We got to try various types of apples and pears (just a handy tip – don’t try uncooked quinces, they have a mouth drying acid bite to them!), pickles, chutneys, chips and biscuits. And of course there was cider – which I didn’t drink, so we had some delicious freshly pressed apple juice, and apple and pear juice. It was good.

Then we escaped the rain (ok, so it was only really a drop or two) by going into one of the tents and seeing a couple of bands. We saw The Winter Mountain Band and Bad Bad Whiskey. I had never heard of Skifflebilly, but enjoyed listening none the less.

At that point we realised that it was about an hour until everything closed so we went and saw Mouse Town, which was a model village high street with mice in it. Although the mice were all hiding in the buildings having a sleep, so we could just see the back of one having a scratch in the pub. I think we were just unlucky, but I did like that we had small children in the tent saying ‘This is rubbish!’. So we left Mouse Town, and went on one of those chair-o-plane things, which really gave me a feeling of flying. Wheee!

Before everything closed I grabbed a brownie with ice-cream – because I like chocolate and then we headed back to the produce section where we bought some pork and apple pies for dinner (really good), apple and blackcurrant crumble and some more apple juice.

We managed to get onto one of the buses heading back to Lewes without too much of a wait (although ended up without seats, which apparently the driver wasn’t really supposed to do) and once one the bus it was apparent that ‘Apple Festival’ really did mean ‘Cider Festival’. There was singing. On the bus back from Lewes there was singing, and from the top of the bus we could hear the bottom level having a farting noise competition for about ten minutes. We were glad we were upstairs at the point where we heard the comment ‘Someone has actually let one rip!’. Aaah, culture.



  1. Morris dancing is clomping. There’s no passion there … FACT.

    • I’m tempted to take it up myself, just to spite you.

      I can only see one small flaw in that plan.

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