Posted by: lindsaygoes | November 7, 2010

Halloween Rambles

Had an early start on Halloween for a walk in the country side. There were no problems of good weather, but unfortunately I’d left my rain jacket at my aunts, so I was crossing my fingers. As we were waiting to set off I was impressing everyone with my brand new walking pole, looking like a professional hiker (they didn’t know I didn’t have a rain coat, a poor decision in the UK).

We ended up setting off, and it started clouding over, and then it started raining. So I started getting wet. Luckily someone in the group had an extra rain jacket with them and was generous enough to lend it to me! Even more luckily, it stopped raining pretty quickly, and the rest of the day was sunny.

As we walked along, the sights were gorgeous with all the burnt autumn colours. We saw a couple of ponies, both of which decided to jump around excitedly, so we didn’t get too close! We walked around the outskirts of Leeds castle, which was lovely, and is now on my list of places to visit properly.

For lunch we stopped on the North Downs, and it was quite a hike up a big hill to get there. There was a huge range of ages on the walk, with some over 70s, and they were right at the front of the group, seeming to get up the hill with no problems at all. I was quite glad I had my hiking pole with me! The view from the top was fantastic though, really worth the effort.

After lunch it was mainly downhill, as we finished the nine mile walk. I was getting pretty tired the last half mile, but it was a really nice way to spend the day, although my shoes won’t be the same again; so much mud!

That evening I went round to one of the nurses houses for Halloween. I made a pretty poor effort at dressing up, but did take a skull covered in meat which was about as amusing as you’d expect it to be. I also brought some dips, but forgot the crackers. So it wasn’t the most successful of food offerings!


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