Posted by: lindsaygoes | February 4, 2011

Rough seas in Norway

So, heading to Norway it was an early start to get to the airport. I was staying at a fairly nearby hotel, but had to catch a bus. It left from the station and unfortunately the only way I could see to get to the correct side of the station was to cut across. Well, it was ok getting in, but getting out involved a ticket, which I didn’t have. So I decided to take the proactive approach and tell the nearest guard that I didn’t have a ticket. And it worked. Eventually I got to the airport, only to discover that the computers had broken. So after standing at the check in desk twiddling my thumbs, amusing myself by watching the increasing line behind me (turns out I’d got to the airport in plenty of time) before being kicked to the side to wait until they started checking my flight in. Which meant that I got to meet the other two early people, one of which was the photography lecturer for my tour. Yeah, I go to lectures on holiday, anyone have a problem with that?

So the flights were alright. Apparently Brian May was on one of them, but I didn’t see him, so really I’m just spreading unsubstantiated rumour.

We arrived in Bergen and had a bit of a walk around the town, which was lovely with lots of old wooden buildings and then it was onto our boat for the start of my cruise along the coast of Norway.

The next day I got to see some of the amazing scenery on the boat and then we arrived in Ålesund, which unfortunately had a large fire in 1904, although that means that the town has a large amount of Art Nouveau architecture and a time machine, which takes you back to the time of the fire. Although for some reason you have to start in 2003. That evening we also had a quick stop in Molde, which was a nice chance to stretch our legs.

If you consider 8:30 in the morning to be an early start while you’re on holiday, then the next day I had an early start. About the only thing I could see looking out my window was heavily falling snow, but luckily by the time I started walking in Trondheim it had stopped and by the time we reached Nidaros Cathedral we had the first clear sky for the trip and I was starting to get hopeful about things like the weather and seeing the Northern Lights. Until ten minutes later when the blizzard started (I may need to add here that the definition of blizzard may vary to someone from Australia). Luckily the snow (but not the clouds) cleared up pretty quickly, but then we had some lovely snow covering anything, which was very pretty. We got a couple more snow flurries as we were walking and stopped and had hot chocolates.

Once we got back on the boat we got surrounded by clouds, which made it difficult to see the mountains around the boat. We had a couple more lectures, but they had to be cut short because of inclement weather. The dining room was pretty empty, and after dinner everyone retreated to their rooms. Luckily, with my record for getting sick on holiday, I don’t get seasick. So I sat in my room and read while my furniture slid across the room. Well, until I secured it, and then it was just bits of paper moving around. Once everything had settled I headed upstairs to find much of the boat was a bit of a mess with chairs clumped together on one side of rooms. Of course, most other people seemed to be sleeping off their seasickness in bed, so it wasn’t long before I followed (my own bed, not theirs).


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