Posted by: lindsaygoes | February 5, 2011

Let there be Lights!

After our rough night it was more settled the next morning, and after crossing the Arctic Circle we had a ceremony where Neptune christened people on deck. The christening basically involved pouring a ladle full of water and ice down the back of everyone’s neck, so I just stuck to the photography. The reward for getting wet and cold seemed to be some Schnapps, which didn’t seem to be worth it.

Our first stop for the day was Bodø, which unfortunately was made a bit unpleasant with the weather. We did walk up to the cathedral, but kept our heads down on the way back because of all the sleet. It was a good excuse for a hot chocolate once we got back anyway! Our other stop for the day was Svolvær where we had a quick walk around the block before deciding we’d had enough of walking through slushy ice and snow. Brrrrr!

The next day we headed to Tromsø where we had a husky sleigh ride. I was in the first group, so we got the last of the daylight, but not the last of the rain. It was lots of fun bumping along the snow, watching the dogs racing in front of us (but not making any effort to slow for toilet breaks). We also got to see some puppies (who tried to steal my gloves, naughty puppies!) and have some chocolate cake.

The following day it was a surprise to wake up with snow on the deck and a wonderfully clear sky. The colours as the sun was rising were fantastic, and it was wonderful weather to walk around Honningsvåg as the sun was setting (around an hour later). I got some amazing photos, which I still have to sort out, looking at all the colours, reflections and lights.

And that night, the last night, the Northern Lights came out. And they were fantastic, shimmering across the sky as my fingers slowly froze, a strange combination of pain and numbness. So I can cross that off my bucket list. Although it would be nice to see again!



  1. I’m sure that Northern Lights were amazing, it’s such a unusual thing. I’ve been in Norway, but I have a chance to be only in the south part of it, in Stravanger. But I wanna go back there and see more 🙂

    • It was amazing, I’m so glad I got a chance to see it. Not only that, but all the areas of Norway I saw were beautiful (even with the weather!) and I’m very tempted to see it in the summer as well!

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