Posted by: lindsaygoes | February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year

It was a bit of a last minute decision to head into London to meet up with some friends for Chinese New Year, but it was quite an experience. I got into Trafalgar Square and it was teeming with people. The only ones able to see anything were the small children perched on their parents shoulders. I did catch one small child, who was supposed to be relaying what was going on to her parents telling them that ‘There’s real pandas on there.’. Somehow, I think not. As I’m vertically challenged enough at the best of times, and no one was offering me the opportunity to sit on their shoulders, I really couldn’t see anything, but met up with my friends and we decided to head into China Town.

China Town was also filled with people, but we did get a brief glimpse of a Chinese Dragon, and also (after finding some more people) managed to get a table in a Chinese Restaurant (I’m still amazed at the luck that took) where we had some lovely food (mmmm…crispy duck), but weren’t allowed to look out the curtained windows. We had a suspicion that the restaurant was opening up rooms they weren’t supposed to because of the big crowds. Not that we minded a bit!

After that we had a bit more of a wander/battle through the crowds, and I got the best fortune cookie I’ve ever had, which read A young man will cause you much trouble this week. So far, nothing though. Still got a couple of days though! It was also amusing listening to all the little bangs as kids were throwing little plastic banging things (no idea what they’re called) on the ground…and at each other.

Then our streak of luck continued when we managed to get a table in a pub, and met up with some more people (they have all jumbled together in my mind now though) and then as it was getting dark we headed off, after having a lovely day.



  1. Gday Lindsay!

    I did not know that you have a blog!
    Great stuff! Had a look at it and it is really nice.

    I find great that people take their time to do things like this.
    Now I understand the size of your camera!!!!

    Great pictures and the places that you have chosen so far are wonderful!

    Good luck and all the best on your trips


    • Thanks Vanessa,

      Yeah, the big camera comes in handy. It’s good for sending photos to everyone at home in Australia, and also keeping everyone updated on what I’m up to. It’s also handy for me to look back on as well!


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