Posted by: lindsaygoes | February 14, 2011

Evolving English and Continued Chatting

So I had a fairly busy weekend around London. On Saturday I headed to the London Canal Museum which was incredibly friendly. It’s wonderful to see such enthusiasm when you visit places, although I may have looked at them fairly blankly when they were talking about various historical canal routes. I hadn’t realised that historically the narrowboats were pulled by horses, and so I got the bonus of seeing quite an old veterinary kit.

After the museum I met up the the Cultureseekers group and we went to the Evolving English exhibition at the British Library, where I managed to see more historical veterinary stuff with the oldest veterinary text written in English. But as well as that, it was fascinating seeing how the English language had evolved over time, and also differences around the world. It was great looking at the permanent exhibitions as well, especially the illuminations.

After that it was a trip to the pub, where I had several people asking ‘What part of the States are you from?’, which, with my strong Australian accent was quite strange. Also had the great pick up line of ‘So, what else is weird about you?’. The follow up message from our chat said ‘Didn’t meet any scary people on the way home or got
mistaken for a prostitute, i hope? ;-)’.

So, that was it for Saturday. On Sunday I headed back into London for a walk along the Thames with another Meetup group, Friends in London, which was a wonderful afternoon, even with the drizzly weather. I managed to see the sights along the way and take some photos (how unusual!) even with all the chatting that I did! Of course, there were more pubs on the way. And more people. And more talking.


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