Posted by: lindsaygoes | February 23, 2011

Out on the town with the paparazzi

This last weekend was quite a busy one for me, I’ve only just finished sorting out the photos! On Saturday I rushed out of work and caught the train into London. Initially the train was delayed at two points because of signal failures, and then someone was wandering on the tracks collecting scrap metal, which delayed things again and then finally they terminated the train at an early station (luckily the one which I wanted to get off at). The driver sounded increasingly annoyed with each announcement, it can’t have been easy! Once I arrived in London though (almost on time), it took me 20 minutes to find the pub where I was meeting friends, which was five minutes away. The worst part was that I’d been about 10 meters from the pub the Sunday before so I shouldn’t have got lost! After meeting some friends and a quick drink, I then rushed off to start my photography walk which was insane. 250 people and an incredible amount of photography equipment. By the time the walk started the rain had thankfully stopped and we all had fun taking pictures of architecture, reflections and details. But mainly of people taking pictures of people taking pictures…and so on. It was a nice way to see some areas in the City that I wouldn’t normally go into, and also having some fun with my camera. It was also a great way to meet some more people.

More photos here if you’re interested!

Finally got home and the next day it was an early start again, heading into London to meet a friend from uni (it hasn’t stopped amazing me that I can just meet up with someone from home for the day over here!). We headed to Camden Market and had lost of fun looking at all the amazing stuff. I bought some candle holders, which are lovely, but are now in my pile of stuff to get back to Australia at some point. It’s quite a large pile, and a lot of it is still being used!

While we were in Camden it started raining, which was bad, so we decided to go to the theatre, which was very good. Out of our last minute options (isn’t it great that you can spontaneously go to the theatre!) we ended up seeing Jersey Boys, where our seats weren’t too bad (high up, but a good view of the stage!). I really enjoyed the show, catchy tunes, and interesting storyline and good performers. All in all, a lovely day and a lovely weekend!


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