Posted by: lindsaygoes | June 29, 2011

Corsets and Cameras in London

I had a semi-long weekend last week (I got Friday afternoon off), so I thought what better way to spend it than somewhere else. After deciding that last minute flights to Amsterdam were a little pricey, I settled on my favourite weekend/day off/anytime really destination of London.

So I rushed to catch the train after work, then sat on the station for a while because I actually had plenty of time. Phew! Once I got into London I went back to the Museum of London because last visit I ran out of time. A fantastic museum, and I really enjoyed the London Street Photography exhibit. Really inspirational! But then, I don’t need an excuse to get my camera out.

That evening I went to Shakespeare’s Globe and saw Much Ado About Nothing. It started raining as I was walking to the theatre from the tube station and continued raining until I walked out…and I had one of the cheap, standing, exposed to the elements tickets. Which didn’t matter at all. I bought a cheap poncho, covered myself from the rain and had a wonderful time. The inclement weather really added to the atmosphere, and the actors were brilliant, giving a hilarious performance. I think it’s the best show I’ve been to, and I’d recommend it to anyone going to London. That was the first lot of corsets referred to in the title.

Saturday morning, I headed out to Covent Garden to meet up with a friend, but because I’ve got no idea on timing, I arrived a bit early. This gave me a chance to wander around the markets as they set up, and also get my palm read (crossing that one off the bucket list!). Apparently I’m going to have a huge choice with love as those lines are about three times further apart than normal people, a choice in my career (which will turn out well), a blessing in disguise in my life (which will turn out well, some kind of lucky triangle there) and I’m both logical and creative. Oh, and I’m going to live forever. Or maybe that was just a very long time. I’m not sure how much to read into such an overwhelmingly positive reading, but it was never going to change how I lived my life anyway. After that I met up with my friend and we explored Covent Garden some more and then went to Southbank, which was full of activity and we managed to grab a table and people watch as we got lunch. After that I went to the National Portrait Gallery. The BP Portrait Award had some fantastic work, and in the gift shop they had a badge with a camera on! Clearly I’m easily pleased.

After that I headed to Portobello Market, which proved to be dangerous to my wallet (I may have bought a pendant with a camera on, along with other things) and then went to The Tabernacle for a live music/photography meetup. There were some great live bands there, and we pretty much had free rein to take lots and lots and lots of photos. Which we did. There was no doubt that my jeans needed a wash as I (and everyone else) had no hesitation about sitting and sliding around on the floor in order to get the best angle. Or just a slightly different angle. I even got some nice images, despite the low light combined with the inappropriate lens. It did get a bit strange (for me anyway) when the burlesque dancer was on (corset reference number two) because I wasn’t sure how appropriate it was to be taking photos of someone wearing very little clothing. But I did anyway.

Sunday I went to the Imperial War Museum. I was aiming for the Horniman, but got the address very wrong, and once I saw the clear signs for the Imperial War Museum, that made my decision to change plans nice and easy. I was in time for a tour around the Women War Artists exhibit which was really interesting. I hadn’t realised how much art the IWM had, and also the extent that female artists had covered wars.

After that it was a treasure hunt around London. We came third. I’m not bitter at all.

Actually, it was lots of fun, and we answered almost all the questions right. I am in a denial about the fact that the UK gets warm weather and was definitely overdressed for the over 30*C temperature that it got to, combined with sitting in the sun. But no sunburn at least!



  1. Nice day in London…and a nice writeup… Lindsay (assuming thats your name)

    made me reminisce over the weeks I had spent in London couple of years back….

    I totallly agree with you on the globe theatre experience. I was standing and watching one of the plays by leaning over the stage…by the time the play finished it was around 10 30ish in the night, and on a clear day you would enjoy the walk by the thames very much on such a night.

    If you are a sherlock holmes fan, do make it a point to visit the 21 baker street as thats one of the locations worth seeing…

    also, if you have not already been to Bath Spa, i would strongly recommend you to…

    • Thanks, I’ll have to keep Baker Street in mind!

      I ended up in Bath for the second time this week, such a lovely place. Because I’ve been to the Roman Baths before I ended up at the modern baths – such a lovely place to relax!

  2. Nice…, and
    Brighton is a quick getaway as well. nice town with a lovely pebble beach…

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