Posted by: lindsaygoes | August 13, 2011

Overheard snippets in London

I started travelling a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve had hardly any computer access so far! My journey started in London, with a train, then a back and forth route to find a bus stop (it was hidden by scaffolding!). Eventually I got on the bus and then had a random conversation with an old guy who spoke like he had a mouthful of marbles. I did manage to work out that he was asking if I was married though. It was an occasion for a false name. After eventually getting to my hostel (free lemonade – excellent!) I went to Shakespeare’s Globe and saw Doctor Faustus. On the way I managed to see the principal from Glee, and a small child exclaiming ‘Look, it’s a cyberman!’ in reference to a bin on a pole. Doctor Faustus was lots of fun, I was in the peasants standing section and this time it didn’t rain. Some amazing recreations of Elizabethan style props, I particularly liked the enormous dragons with flappy wings. On my way out I had the enormous pleasure of overhearing the phrase ‘My aim is to have a Scottish accent by the time I get back to New York’. That evening I went with a few girls from the hostel to a club in Angel (which took over an hour there and back on the bus). Lots of fun and dancing.

The next day I went to Hever Castle to see some jousting. The castle is where Anne Boyelyn (can’t be bothered checking how that’s spelled right now), and we also got lost in a maze, did some archery and then watched knights hit each other in various ways. Lots of fun sitting in the sunshine, watching some violence. Our team won, a great part of which was due to our hilarious squire, encouraging us all to cheer. It was obviously well rehearsed, but some of the stunts were pretty impressive as they flipped each other, fell off horses, speared heads on the end of lances, and hooked hoops on the end of their lances. After Hever castle I caught up with Jolene, who I travelled with through Turkey with last year, and we went to Albert Hall to see the BBC Proms. It’s such an incredible venue and the musicians were amazingly skilled. After that we tried to get to China Town for dinner but we got lost. Another great quote was from a drunken Irish guy who was saying ‘I’m going to punch him in the fecking head’, then saw us and said ‘Evening darlings.’. So after getting lost, we called it a night, and someone gave me a gang sign on the tube. Alright, it may not have been a gang sign, but I’m not too familiar with them.



  1. hows doctor faustus? i went there today but tickets were soldout…
    any plans for sunday (tomorrow) ?!

    • I really enjoyed Doctor Faustus. I think I was in Athens that Sunday (still need to write that bit of my trip up!). I’ve got a friend who lives in Brighton so I’ve visited a few times, always enjoyed my time there!

      Everything I saw in Egypt was pretty amazing, might keep it in mind to revisit, but there are so many places to get to!

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