Posted by: lindsaygoes | October 3, 2011

Return to Cardiff

So I’m currently in between jobs (once again), and decided to have a weekend in Cardiff with another vet from my last day. We were lucky enough to get some fantastic weather (27-28*C, sunny…just delightful) which made the whole weekend extra good.

I arrived in Cardiff before Liz so had a bit of a wander along the animal wall and through Bute Park to watch the sun setting. Really amazing with all the autumn colours starting to come out!

The next day we were going to do a walking tour, but we got confused and it turned out it wasn’t at 10am, but at 2pm. So we went to the National Museum, but we were too early, so we had to sit in the sun and watch a squirrel running round. It was pretty cute. Eventually the museum opened, and we felt like we were the only ones in there, until a family with a crying kid came into the same area we were in. That seemed to shatter the illusion. It was a really interesting museum, had some great natural history sections as well as how the land of Wales has changed over the millennia. It was fascinating to see how at one point it was located in the Southern Hemisphere. We also looked at some of the artwork, particularly the impressionist works, and then decided we’d had enough culture and left to have a picnic lunch in Bute Park, which was lovely. After lunch we finally got to our walking tour, which covered most of the areas we’d walked around, but gave us a lot more information on what had happened in the area. In the evening we counted bucks and hens nights (got up to 13), and ended up missing out on Cardiff’s night life to see a movie.

The next day we went to St Fagans, the National History Museum in Wales, a huge parkland with lots of historic buildings which have been moved and reconstructed on the site. It was delightful walking through the woodlands on such a sunny day, with the occasional bit of culture as we went into the old buildings. Such a variety, I think my favourite was the reconstructed Celtic village with it’s thatched roofs and fire filling the roof with smoke. We also visited the castle and finished the day with a Sunday roast. I ate too much and then my belly hurt.

And then it was back to London. So glad I booked a seat because the train was overflowing!


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