Posted by: lindsaygoes | April 7, 2013

A day trip to Marysville

Lizard by Steavenson Falls

Since I’ve returned to Australia I’ve been working full time, but still making an effort to get out and be a tourist in my own town on the weekends. What I haven’t done is write blog posts about these adventures, so there is a bit of a backlog that I will try and get to. 

First of all though, a recent trip. Yesterday we headed out to Marysville in the Yarra Ranges. It was a lovely drive, winding through tall gum trees, their trunks blackened by bushfires, but new growth sprouting below them, sunlight gently filtering through the tree tops. 

Once we arrived in Marysville we headed to Steavenson Falls, a short drive from town. It’s a lovely little waterfall, which gets lit at night (something I’d like to see), and has a viewing platform just in front of the falls. We also walked up the track to the top of the falls, the track was in good condition and not overly steep, ending just at the top of the falls where you can look down at the water cascading to where we started. We saw a couple of other people walking up and down the track, but overall it felt like we were the only ones there. 

Once we’d made our way down we went into Marysville which had a fantastic information office, really helpful and got a few more tips of things to do in the area. We drove up to Keppel Lookout (we could have actually walked up from the top of the falls, but it was about 5km of what was described as steep tracks, and I didn’t really want to), which had some lovely views over to the Cathedral Ranges and all the other mountains in the area. Finally we took my car along a dirt track parallel to the Cathedral Ranges, with fantastic views through the trees. It was lucky it was dry or we would have needed a 4WD to get along there, but as it was it was an interesting detour. 


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