Posted by: lindsaygoes | May 23, 2013

A quick trip to Port Douglas



At the moment my sister and her husband are travelling around Australia. I am a little bit jealous, but not too much at the moment because I joined them in Port Douglas for a long weekend. 

They were out enjoying themselves when I arrived (I say enjoying, although it did actually involve leeches, so that might not be completely accurate) so I got a pick up from Cairns airport. Had a great driver who gave me lots of tips and hints, which meant I could surprise everyone with my hastily accumulated knowledge on Port Douglas when I got there. So I got to Port Douglas, checked into their tent, and then got myself an ice-cream in town, because an ice-cream is always a good option when you have some extra time! Once they got back we went shopping and made food. 

The next day we headed into the Daintree and unfortunately the weather turned nasty. It bucketed down on the car for hours and my sisters recollection of where an information was, was inaccurate. Although I guess looking for indoor activities in the rainforest was probably a bit of a stretch anyway. After several hours driving through the rain we decided to go on a boat ride on the Daintree, which was covered (although at that point it cleared up anyway!). We went on the Solar Whisper, which was really good. The guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and they had a video camera and screen on board to help us spot things. Saw five crocodiles, some birds, a bat and a tree snake (which was incredibly well hidden, I’m not sure how the guide spotted it). We also got biscuits. In the evening we headed into town for part of the Port Douglas Carnivale. None of us had realised it was on, so it was really good timing. They had a fair, a parade and fireworks, which were really good! 

In the morning we headed to Mossman Gorge and had a walk around. It wasn’t that hot, but the humidity was high, so we all felt a bit sweaty and gross. It was a lovely scenic walk though, and it’s amazing how much variety there is in the rainforest, with lots of different plants and fungi. We ended up having a quick swim in the river before we left, and it was pretty cold. Apparently that’s why there aren’t any crocodiles in Mossman Gorge. It did leave us feeling refreshed though. Then we hired a boat on Packers River outside Port Douglas. We saw a massive crocodile on the banks (no swimming there!), did some fishing (caught four fish between us, three too small and one inedible, so they all swam free), and snacked on bread and dips. I also got attacked by sand flies, and the bites are only just starting to go now, four days later. That evening the tent got invaded by some kind of marsupial, looking for food. Given that it was in a campsite, I suspect it is a regular visitor. 

The next morning we had a quick visit to some markets before it was time for me to head home and the end of my short holiday!




  1. I lurve Port Douglas! When we got there for our honeymoon, the locals kept telling us ‘Welcome to Port Douglas! It’s a great place to retire!’ I’d just started working that year… 🙂

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