Posted by: lindsaygoes | January 10, 2015

Myanmar – Inle Lake Adventures

Boat Trip on Inle Lake, Inle Lake, Myanmar Our first stop around Inle Lake was a monastery, Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung, a teak monastery full of young monks running around sweeping and doing other tasks. Then we arrived in Nyuang Shwe and had a bit of a walk around the town.

Boat Trip on Inle Lake, Inle Lake, Myanmar

In the morning we got on a boat for a long boat ride on Inle Lake. We were all expecting a vast expanse of water, but it was very different from that, and much more interesting. As well as some open areas, there were little canals with bamboo buildings on stilts, where we visited a silver smith, a weaving workshop, a blacksmith and a boat building and cheroot making workshop. It was really interesting seeing everything being made by hand, and in the weaving workshop they were making thread from silk and lotus, which I hadn’t seen before. Weaving, Inle Lake, Myanmar

We also visited Hpaung Daw U Pagoda where there were some small Buddha statues covered in so much gold leaf that they were unrecognisable, and saw the fisherman using their foot rowing techniques and the floating gardens. These gardens cover a huge area and contain trellises with various fruits and vegetables on them and are tended by people on boats, from narrow canals between the beds.  Fisherman, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Back in Nyaung Shwe we had some ice-cream for an afternoon snack (delicious!) and had a Shan banquet for dinner, which was also really tasty.

The next morning we did a bike ride. The bikes weren’t quite as good as the ones in Bagan and mine started making some unpleasant clunking noises as we progressed. We visited a local village, and saw their town hall and then went to the Khaung Daing Hot Springs where we relaxed for a couple of hours. It was hard to believe we had arrived at just before 9am, and all the things we had done that morning. We ended up getting a long boat back to Nyuang Shwe, putting the bicycles into a different boat. We sat at the bottom of that boat and it gave a different feel to the journey, being lower down among all the reeds. Re

Back in Nyuang Shwe we explored some of the markets and bought some gifts before having a traditional style massage, which was a nice way to finish a relaxing day before some dinner (whole grilled fish followed by banana and chocolate pancakes – yum!).

The next day we headed back to Yangon. Our flights didn’t go quite as smoothly, with lots of delays. We still got back in time to visit the Bogyoke Aung San Markets and finish up gift shopping.


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