Posted by: lindsaygoes | January 25, 2015

A Quick Trip to Williamstown

Living outside Australia for a few years has made me realise how many local sights I haven’t seen, so I’ve been making an effort to see more around Melbourne and Victoria. Last weekend we went on a day trip to Williamstown, and all I really remember from visiting Williamstown as a child was the ice cream shop with lots of flavours!

HMAS Castlemaine, WilliamstownAfter arriving in Williamstown we visited the HMAS Castlemaine, a World War II corvette which had been restored. It was very interesting, and we got told about the engine and boiler rooms by a volunteer who had worked there for ten years. I love when people have such enthusiasm for things like that!

HMAS Castlemaine, Williamstown

Then we wandered around the Sunday market, which had all sorts of lovely arts and crafts, and I had some Dutch Poffertjes with chocolate sauce for an early lunch. Yum! Then it was a short walk to the Timeball Tower, which was initially a lighthouse and then functioned to help ships set their chronometers, by dropping the ball at 1pm each day. Apparently it is only one of four working timeball towers in the world. Enterprize, Williamstown

Our next stop was the Steve Irwin, the flagship of Sea Shepherd, where we had a free tour of the ship. Again, it was very interesting, and gave us some information on an organisation we really knew very little about.

Overall, it was a very nice spot to visit, with enough to keep us busy.


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