Posted by: lindsaygoes | November 23, 2015

New Zealand: Milford Sound

Viewpoint on the way to Milford Sound, New Zealand

Viewpoint on the way to Milford Sound, New Zealand

From Queenstown we drove towards Milford Sound. The journey itself was pretty spectacular and we had a few scenic stops on the way. We stopped at Mirror Lakes, and it was such a still day, you could tell why they got their name, with the crystal clear reflections of the mountains in the water. We also had a short walk at the Chasm, and saw some more wild Kea in the carparks of some of the stopovers. While we were waiting to drive through Homer tunnel, a Kea sat on the passenger side window of the campervan and made faces as us.

Kea, New Zealand

Kea, New Zealand

When we got to Milford Sound it was a beautiful day with a clear sky and shining sun. We did a cruise on Milford Sound and saw several of the waterfalls in the area, seals and sea birds. Then we went kayaking in Harrison Cove, where we saw some Fjordland crested penguins and drank fresh glacier water. It was an amazing experience, and my favourite part of the trip so far. Before heading off we visited the Underwater Observatory where we saw some of the aquatic life of Milford Sound. On the boat on the way back from the observatory, we also saw some dolphins in the cove.

All in all, a pretty amazing day!



  1. the views from the cruise are beautiful, aren’t they? if i visit queenstown again, i will visit milford sound.

    • They are amazing. I think it would be just as good if the weather wasn’t as clear as well.

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