Posted by: lindsaygoes | December 4, 2015

New Zealand: Able Tasman National Park

From Nelson we headed towards the Able Tasman National Park. We started off with a 12 kilometer walk, along some really nice tracks to Watering Cove. There were some fantastic viewpoints along the way, and a lot of the track was shaded which was nice. We also stopped briefly at a couple of the other beaches along the way.

Once we got to Watering Cove we had a bit of a break, which was nice because my shoes were giving me some slight blisters. Ouch! It was a nice spot to stop, with a little beach and creek. After we had been there for a little while our guide arrived with our lunch, and then we hopped into the kayaks he had brought with him, and headed back home. On the way we passed by Adele Island where we saw some seals. It was nice to divide the trip into two different modes of transport, and see the area from two different viewpoints.

That night we stopped in Murchison, and after parking our campervan, we were surrounded by lots of ducks, all wanting a bit of a snack! The holiday park also had a little petting farm with a few different animals, which was fun.

Murchison Caravan Park, New Zealand

Murchison Caravan Park, New Zealand


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