Posted by: lindsaygoes | October 4, 2016

Adventures in the UK

So we’ve just started another trip to Europe. I’ve been a bit behind on keeping a travel journal so there will be some large updates to start. The photos are also just from my phone so apologies for the quality. 

On our first say we headed off to the airport in the evening to fly to Manchester via Doha. Our connection in Doha was pretty tight and we hadn’t realised how much security we had to pass through, but we made it in time. Phew!

Once in Manchester we had the dreaded passport control to go through, which took quite a while. Unfortunately I really needed to go to the toilet while we were waiting in line, so I was a bit worried about how dodgy I looked while we were waiting.

Eventually we got through and got picked up from the airport by my aunt and uncle and headed to their place for the first night. In order to combat tiredness we had a bit of a walk around a local lake which was quite nice, but we still had a very early night.

Monday September 19th 2016

After a cooked breakfast we caught the train into Liverpool, dropped our bags at the left luggage and started our exploring. Our first stop was the Radio City tower, an old chimney which has been converted to a panoramic viewpoint over the city. We had clear skies and a great view over the city. Then we headed to Albert Dock and visited the Maritime and Slavery Museums as well at the Beatles Story and had a bit of a walk along the Mersey River waterfront.

After some lunch we went to the World Museum, and then caught the train to our accommodation for the next few days. After collecting some groceries we had an early night.
Tuesday September 20th 2016

Andrew had an early start this morning to get to Northern Ireland, and I had to get stuck into studying. During the morning I realised that I couldn’t open a lot of the articles I had uploaded so I had to get in touch with mum and dad and make the email them all through. After all that I needed a break so I caught the bus into the city centre and joined a walking tour. After all the fuss with getting things emailed I’d left it slightly late, so had to rush a bit to get to the tourist office to buy my tickets, only to find that it was closed! The walking tour guide showed up and was just as confused, but eventually, about ten minutes after it was due to start we all paid him cash and headed off. It was a really interesting way to get an overview of Liverpool, it’s history and buildings. After that I did a bit of shopping and headed back for some more studying.

Wednesday September 21st 2016

More studying this morning and then to have a bit of a break I walked through Lark Lane to Sefton Park and had a bit of a walk through the park which was a nice way to get some fresh air. After that it was back to studying.

Thursday September 22nd 2016

More studying this morning, and then, for my break, I caught the bus into the city centre again. This time I visited the Museum of Liverpool and the Tate Gallery, both of which I really enjoyed. After the afternoon studying I caught up with one of my cousins and her husband for dinner, which was lovely.

Friday September 23rd 2016

Today was the day that all the studying had been for, my oral exam. We headed off early to the Wirral and I had a terrifying 60 minute oral examination where I was tested on my small animal medicine knowledge. I had been working towards this for three years, so I was definitely feeling the pressure. After I was done, not sure how I had done, we headed into Wales for some sightseeing.

Our first stop was Beaumaris Castle, which I really enjoyed. The weather was sunny and warm, and it was one of those castles which really fits my image of what a castle should be like, all grey stones and turrets, and even a bit of a moat. After Beaumaris Castle we headed for Mount Snowden, where we had booked the train to take us to the top. Unfortunately by the time we got there the weather had worsened a bit and it was too windy for the train to get all the way to the top so we stopped 5/8ths of the way there and took some photos from the train before heading back down.

Then it was back to Liverpool to drop the hire car off. That evening we went to Lark Lane for dinner, and on the way back I got an email to say I had passed my exam! I was so relieved, and it was nice to get the results so soon so I wasn’t worried about them.


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