Posted by: lindsaygoes | October 10, 2016

Wandering around Budapest 

Saturday 1st October 2016
Malta to Budapest

We had another relaxing morning as we were being collected at 10:05 am to go to the airport, although 10:05 stretched out to about 10:30 by the time we got collected. Once we got to the airport it was a relief that we could check in easily enough and it turned out our flight was slightly delayed. We had a change in Rome and rushed across to our next gate just before boarding started. Unfortunately our luggage didn’t make the same flight, which we discovered when we arrived in Budapest. This meant it was a bit easier to get public transport to our hotel without our bags!

We were a bit anxious about our hotel reservation, and if it actually existed, as the company we booked through had pretty dodgy reviews online (we only checked after we booked) and the tour we had starting the next day, which was supposed to start at the same hotel, had a last minute location change. However, check in went fine and we had a room, although nothing to put in it.

We headed out for dinner and then had a walk across the chain bridge and along the Danube looking at some of the wonderful buildings all lit up.

Sunday 2nd October 2016

After breakfast we grabbed our small bags and headed out. We caught the metro to close to Gellert Hill and then walked across the bridge and up to the top, it was a lot of steps, but a good view once we got up there. At the top we walked around the outskirts of the citadella and then headed down to find our next hotel. It wasn’t too hard to find and we dropped off one of our bags and then went out to continue exploring. We went to the top of Castle Hill (we caught an elevator this time) and went to the Budapest History Museum which had some interesting exhibits on the history of Budapest and the different groups which had lived in the area. Then we had a wander around the Castle Hill area, took in the view from Fishermen’s Bastion and then headed down into the main part of town. We walked around Parliament, which is an amazing building and went to St Stephen’s Basilica where we went up to the viewing turret, which was a lot more steps. By the time we reached the top my Fitbit was telling me we had climbed 100 flights of stairs. My feet were agreeing. However, once we reached the top the view was amazing so it was worth it.

Then we grabbed some lunch and headed for the Danube where we arrived just in time to grab a spot on a river cruise. It was very nice to be off our feet and relaxing watching the city pass by.

Once we docked we headed to our hotel, our bags hadn’t arrived yet, so we didn’t have much to do to get settled in. We met up with out group and then headed to a local restaurant for a tasty dinner. When we got back our bags had arrived which was very exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much appreciation for toothpaste and deodorant!


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