Posted by: lindsaygoes | October 25, 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Saturday 15th October 2016
Kotor, Montenegro to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We left Kotor in the morning and headed through Montenegro, stopping at some gorgeous viewpoints on the way. We crossed into Bosnia and Herzegovina a bit before lunch and then stopped for lunch before arriving in Sarajevo in the afternoon.

After checking in we had a bit of a walk around the old town of Sarajevo, visiting the Latin Bridge, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, the Sacred Heart Cathedral, and we also wandered around some of the little alleyways in Bascarsija, the old Ottoman quarter. We also walked up to the Yellow Fortress, which gave us a fantastic view over Sarajevo as the day was drawing to a close.

Then we walked back into the town and went to the Galerija 11/07/95 which tells the story of the Srebrenica massacre through photographs and videos, as well as an audio guide, exploring the massacre itself and the aftermath. It was a very moving experience.

After that it was dinner time and we had a tasting menu which gave us a sample of a range of different Bosnian dishes.

Sunday 16th October 2016
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This morning everyone from our group was heading to the Tunnel of Hope tour, but I had done it last time I was in Sarajevo, so I walked along the river to the National Museum. It was a nice walk, even when I went to far and had to come back!

The National Museum was pretty big, with three different buildings I went into (I skipped the library) and I felt like I was the only one there for most of the time I was walking around. The museum contains the Sarajevo Haggadah, an illuminated Jewish manuscript which has survived many close calls with destruction. It is now under high security so I could only look at it in its case from a few meters away. The rest of the museum also had some interesting exhibits, with a typical 19th century Bosnian house exhibit, as well as a large natural history wing. I particularly appreciated the interesting taxidermy specimens, with some rather unnatural expressions, the rows of rocks with no English labelling, and the beetles, which someone must have spent an enormous amount of time cataloging.

After the National Museum I went next door to the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It had a really moving exhibit on ‘Sarajevo under Seige’ which had everyday objects from the seige from 1992 to 1995. It also had a fantastic photographic exhibit which had photographs taken around the city in 1996 and again fifteen years later, which really highlighted all the destruction that had occurred within the city, and it’s recovery since then.

Then I walked back along the river, although unfortunately it had started raining, but I did have an umbrella with me, so I didn’t get too wet! After a bit of lunch and a walk around some of the streets and bazaars, we had a walking tour around the city, which was really interesting and gave some of the older history of Sarajevo. It was very interesting to see the different architectural styles between the Ottoman section of the city and the Austro-Hungarian sections.

After a bit of a rest we had some grilled chicken for dinner.

Monday 17th October 2016
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From Sarajevo we drove to Mostar, a really lovely city. We arrived around lunchtime and checked out the Stari Most (the Old Bridge) from a number of different viewing points, walked across the bridge and through some of the streets filled with shops selling a range of souvenirs. We also went to the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque, and climbed the minaret, which had a great view of the bridge and the town. It was a very narrow, winding staircase to get up and down though!

The town and bridge were a great place to visit, it was really nice walking around, and as it’s a fairly small place everything could be done at a relaxed pace. For dinner, I had a traditional Bosnian meal with fish cooked under the ashes, which was very tasty. After dinner we had a short extra walk around the town to see everything lit up at night.

Tuesday 18th October 2016
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Dubrovnik, Croatia

On our way out of Bosnia and Herzegovina we stopped off at the Kravice waterfalls, which was a nice stop. It was a bit cold for swimming, but we had the area to ourselves, so plenty of time to walk around and take some photographs.

After that we headed for Croatia, which I’ll talk about in the next post.


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