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Croatia, Part 1

Tuesday 18th October 2016 (continued)
Dubrovnik, Croatia

We arrived in Dubrovnik, got rid of our luggage and then caught the bus to the Old Town. After a bit of a wander through some of the streets we visited the Maritime Museum, which had some interesting exhibits and model ships, and then decided to walk along the city walls as it looked like the rain was going to hold off. Luckily for us it stayed nice and dry, although it did get a bit windy at times. There were some fantastic views from the walls, both into and out of the Old City.

After the city walls, we visited some more of the museums and galleries within Dubrovnik. First we went to the Rector’s Palace, which has had a bit of a turbulent history, being damaged by earthquakes, explosions, fires and lightning. It had some interesting exhibits on some of the history of the building and Dubrovnik. Next we went to the Pulitika Gallery, which had some nice artworks, and then manage to find our way to the Natural History Museum, which had some really interesting ways of presenting some of the exhibits. Next it was on to the Marin Drzica House, Croatia’s version of Shakespeare and the Franciscan Monastery Museum, which had a lovely, peaceful courtyard, and also was attached to one of the oldest pharmacies in the world.

After all that sightseeing, with lots of stairs, it was time for some ice-cream, and then we walked up some more stairs to Fort Lovrijenac. We walked up to the base of the actual fort and decided not to go in so we could save some money. It turned out that our city wall tickets included entry, so we shouldn’t have been so cheap!

At that point the sky was looking a bit gloomy, so we headed back to our hotel, and it did start raining a little later.

Wednesday 19th October 2016
Dubrovnik, Croatia

This morning we set off reasonably early so we could get started on sight seeing. We first headed to the cable car entrance and then got the cable car up to Fort Imperial. There were some great views over the Old Town, and along the coast. We bought the cheaper one way tickets on the cable car, so walked down, which we were really glad we did as some of the views on the walking track were even better as they didn’t a have all the cables in the way. It was also a sunny day, but not too hot, so perfect for a walk.

Once we got into the Old Town we headed for the Old Port and were just in time to get a panoramic cruise. It was on an old style boat, and gave us a view of the outside of the city walls but also went around Lokrum Island, which was nice, although I’m not sure how much the people at the nudist beach appreciated the sightseers on our boat!

After that we joined a walking tour of Dubrovnik, which was really good. Our guide was very knowledgeable and funny and took us into a couple of buildings as well as giving us some of the history of the city and tips and tricks for getting in (that’s how we found out about our city wall tickets giving us access to the fort the day before). Then we had a stroll through some of the side streets and alleys of the Old Town before catching the bus back to close to our hotel. Then we had a bit of a stroll along the waterfront near our hotel, and then when our feet got tired caught the bus back to our hotel.

After a bit of a rest we caught the bus back to the Old Town and had a bit of a walk around as the sun was setting. The light on the buildings was gorgeous and then it was great walking around the Old Town at dusk as the lights were starting to come on in all the alleyways and on the buildings.

Thursday 20th October 2016
Dubrovnik to Korcula, Croatia

This morning we had a bus ride before hopping on a small boat to Korcula, a Croatian Island where Marco Polo was apparently born. There were lots of gift shops where you could buy everything from Marco Polo branded ice-cream to incense. The normal hotel the tour uses was closed because it was the end of the season, so we got upgraded to a fancier hotel with two swimming pools and we got a suite to stay in which was nice. It would have been even nicer if the shower had hot water, but you can’t have everything.

We had a bit of a walk around the Old Town and climbed the bell tower of St Mark’s Cathedral to get a nice view of the town. We also visited the city museum which had some exhibits from the town’s history, including some old toys and outfits.

After that we headed back to our hotel and made the most of the indoor pool for a few hours before heading back into the Old Town. We took some photos of the buildings lit up before having a tasty dinner on a terrace. In a building near by there was a choir practicing, so we had some singing to accompany our food.

Friday 21st October 2016
Korcula to Hvar, Croatia

We had an early start this morning as there was only one ferry to Hvar Island, our next stop, and we didn’t want to miss it! Once we arrived we had quite a long walk, up lots of stairs to our guesthouse. Not my favourite activity when I’ve got a large backpack!

After dropping off all our gear it was time for breakfast at a cafe, and then, as most of the boat based activities weren’t running because it was the end of the season, we caught the local bus to the Old Town, Stari Grad. We had a bit of a wander through the town, seeing some of the monasteries and cathedrals, and also visited Fortress Trvdalj, the fortified summer residence of Croatian Poet Peter Hektorovic. It was a nice little spot to visit, with a sea-water fishpool, some nice gardens and a viewpoint over the town. Then we had a relaxing lunch before heading back to Hvar town.

Once back in Hvar we had a lazy afternoon relaxing in our accommodation before heading back into the town for dinner. We couldn’t remember where our tour lead had recommended so we wandering around being stunned by all the prices before eventually picking somewhere.
Saturday 22nd October 2016
Hvar, Croatia

This morning our first stop was the fortress. As is always the way, it was at the top of a hill, but we set off before it got too hot, and there were some nice gardens in between the town and the fortress. The view from around the fortress was lovely, looking over the town, bay and nearby islands, and the sky was very clear. When we reached the fortress there was no one in the ticket office, so we snuck into the fortress and had a bit of a look around. The gorgeous views over the bay continued and there was a little museum as well.

From the fortress we headed down to the waterfront, passing a few churches along the way, then walked along the waterfront. The water was very clear and inviting, but a little cold! After heading as far as we could in one direction, we walked back to the town and along the coastline the other way, before heading back to the town for some lunch.

After lunch there wasn’t much more to be seen, so we just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon before heading out for dinner.


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