Posted by: lindsaygoes | November 2, 2016

Sightseeing in Slovenia 

Thursday 27th October 2016
Zagreb, Croatia to Ljubljana, Slovenia

We caught an early morning train from Zagreb to Ljubljana in Slovenia. After dropping our bags at the hotel we had a walking tour around the city, which gave us some interesting stories. We also visited a few buildings like the town hall and St Nicholas’s Church, the Cathedral of Ljubljana. Unfortunately I had been overly optimistic about the weather, and I was freezing!

After the walking tour we went back to the hotel to check in and grab some extra layers. Then we grabbed some lunch and walked up Castle Hill to Ljubljana Castle. It had some wonderful views and interesting exhibits and walking up all the stairs definitely warmed me up! 

After the castle we walked back down to the river, crossed the dragon bridge and walked to Metelkova, an area of Ljubljana with some interesting street art. It took us a little bit of walking to find it because we only had a vague area circled on the map (which wasn’t completely accurate!) but we eventually found it and there was some cool street art and sculptures there. It was an old barracks which had now been turned into an autonomous culture zone (whatever that is) and was worth the walk from the center of town.

Then we did a bit of browsing and shopping in the town before going out for dinner.

Friday 28th October 2016
Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia

This morning we caught the bus for a day trip to Lake Bled. We manage to catch the slow bus, which stopped fairly frequently, but there was some interesting scenery.

Once we got to Lake Bled we walked up to the castle, which had a lovely view over the lake, although it would have been nice if it was a bit less foggy. Can’t complain too much though, as it least it wasn’t raining. As well as the view, the castle itself was nice to walk through, perched on the hill above the lake looking like a fairy tale castle. It had a little museum and a few interesting souvenir shops, including a bee hive one and a forge. We also tried the Bled cream cake, the symbol of Bled. It was pretty tasty.

Once we had seen everything at the castle we headed back down, grabbed some lunch and then walked around the lake. It was about a 6 kilometre walk, but very flat, so it felt shorter. We had some great views of the castle and also of Bled Island, which had a cute little church on it, and we could see rowboats going to and fro.

Once we’d walked around the lake we caught the bus back to Ljubljana and then found a supermarket to grab some snacks.

For dinner we went to the Open Kitchen, an open air food market that is open on Fridays and has a range of different cuisines. I grabbed a Thai Red Curry which was delicious, but very spicy! I think my taste buds have lost some of their chilli tolerance after the food on this trip!

Saturday 29th October 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia to Budapest, Hungary

Today was one of those unpleasant but necessary travel days as we had an eight hour train ride back to Budapest. Once we got into Budapest there wasn’t much time to do anything but get some dinner.


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