Posted by: lindsaygoes | October 10, 2019

Batumi adventures

From Mestia we headed to Batumi, on the coast of Georgia. On the way we stopped at Enguri Dam, the largest dam in Georgia.

Once we got to Batumi, we had a bit of time to explore in the evening. We headed to the Boulevard where we went up the Alphabet Tower for sunset. It has a panoramic view, but because of the shape of the building you can’t get close to the windows to take great photographs.

Underneath the Alphabet Tower

We also saw the famous Ali and Nino statue, where the statues gradually move towards and through each other, never touching, and wandered through the side streets.

Ali and Nino Sculpture

Batumi skyline

Street art, Batumi

The next morning we could see the town in daylight. There is some great architecture through the streets.

Astrological Clock, Batumi

We also caught the cable car, which takes you a long way and has some great views over the city. Don’t expect a quick trip though – it’s the longest cable car ride I’ve ever been on!

Cable Car, Batumi

Cable Car, Batumi

Then we visited the Museum of Adjara, which was small, but quite cute. For some reason the adult tickets are referred to as ‘Elder admission’ so we felt quite old!

After lunch we made a brief stop at the Batumi Mall (which was about what you would expect) and also wondered along the second section of the Boulevard, which was a bit more desolate with closed rides and construction work.


Then we returned to our hotel and had a bit of a rest for a couple of hours. This was to be our last non-travel day in Georgia though, so after a while we decided to head out again and buy some souvenirs and gifts. Batumi had the largest concentration of souvenir shops we had seen so far in Georgia, but when we wanted to find one it was a struggle! We ended up wandering round, deciding we couldn’t really find anything we wanted and then headed back, only to run across a group of shops on the way home!

Batumi Street art

Once we got back we had a final group dinner with the rest of the group.

The next day we were back to Tbilisi, which was a fairly long drive. On the way we stopped in Gori again. As I’d seen most of the attractions I went to the Ethnographic Museum, which was very cute with amazingly friendly and enthusiastic staff.

We also stopped at Iago’s winery where we had more information on the local techniques of wine making, and some delicious bread.

Once we were in Tbilisi, for dinner a few of us went to a Thai restaurant, which was very spicy, but very tasty!

The next day we headed to Armenia. Due to a mix up in our pick up location we ended up having a frantic hour, before realising our mini bus was on the other side of the square, and had been waiting for us the whole time. We had a couple of Armenian women in the mini bus returning from their holiday and they were incredibly friendly and welcoming and kept feeding us throughout the trip!

Once we arrived, we had a delicious dinner.

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